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Ditching the E61

Here’s why I ordered myself a BlackBerry 8707v from eBay (3G, quad GSM) and am ditching the E61.

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  • Anything but BlackBerry brand supports a subset of the PIM synchronization. For instance, E61 can do Calendar and e-mail OTA synchronization (via BlackBerry connect). A real BlackBerry can also do Contact (really important), To-Do and Note synchronization (I think, depending on the BlackBerry server at work, it may even be able to do corporate IM). I need a good way to treat to-do items, and need a searchable note feature and OTA Contact synchronization.
  • The user interface is kind of painful on the E61 sometimes.
  • E61 doesn’t supports HSDPA (neither does BlackBerry, BTW)
  • WPA supplicant and its commercial brand Odyssey are not supported in Symbian
  • Still no A2DP audio support on the E61.

I’ll wait a bit and then sell it on eBay for the poor souls who come to learn just how crippled the E62 is compared to the E61. I really am torn between going back to the Motorola RAZR (simple, works most anywhere) and sticking with BB functionality (not sure I need to be THAT connected).


Also, there’s a new line of phone from HTC that offer 3G (world) + HSDPA, Windows Mobile OS, but alas, no BB functionality (even the crippled OTA BB connect functionality). The perfect phone does not yet exist. I think it looks a lot like a Treo 750v with Wi-Fi, HSDPA and BB connect, but that just doesn’t exist.


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