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Bought Nokia E65, may switch yet again soon

I just bought a Nokia E65 cell phone. As many of you know, I’m a bit of a cell phone junkie. The E65 replaces my Blackberry 8707v. Just to annoy me, my workplace just implemented the extremely, annoyingly, convenient SameTime client on Blackberry, letting me do IM on the Blackberry (poorly). For those following my haphazard cell phone buying, you might want to know why go back to Blackberry Connect from an original Blackberry.

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Good question. I was overusing the Blackberry for e-mail, and it was starting to interfere with my off-time. Also, with a FULL keyboard, the 8707v was just a little too good for answering e-mails and such, I need to make it a little less convenient, and get my phone to be mostly, a great phone. Also the E65 is REALLY small (I tried out a coworker’s in Taiwan), has a camera (2 MP), and importantly for me, 802.11g wireless with VOIP (SIP) capability. Also, to top it off, I just bought a 4 GB microSD (ok, it cost me $12 in China and probably won’t work) for listening to music.

That being said, read on for why I’m probably switching phones again in a bit….

Annoyingly enough, this comes on the same day Blackberry announces they’re going to a full application suite on Windows Mobile 6 devices. Now that’ll mean I’ll need to switch to a Windows Mobile device….. The truth is, I’ve always liked the Windows Mobile devices better, but without decent Blackberry support, couldn’t justify them. According to the rumor mill, this functionality won’t be available until Fall of this year, so no hurry…

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I sold the E65. I keep forgetting how much I like all the syncing of address books and to-do lists (tasks) that currently only come with a genuine RIM device. Anyhow, it’s done, and I’m back to the Blackberry 8707v. Until my employer supports Microsoft for e-mail, I’m stuck with RIM.

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