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Bought Nokia E65, may switch yet again soon

I just bought a Nokia E65 cell phone. As many of you know, I’m a bit of a cell phone junkie. The E65 replaces my Blackberry 8707v. Just to annoy me, my workplace just implemented the extremely, annoyingly, convenient SameTime client on Blackberry, letting me do IM on the Blackberry (poorly). For those following my haphazard cell phone buying, you might want to know why go back to Blackberry Connect from an original Blackberry.

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Technology & Gadgets

Ditching the E61

Here’s why I ordered myself a BlackBerry 8707v from eBay (3G, quad GSM) and am ditching the E61.


Technology & Gadgets

Nokia E61 review

Nokia E61 no case.JPG

On my last trip to the far East (China, HK, Taiwan, Singapore) I bought the Nokia E61 phone + PDA. This phone is quad band GSM (for best North America coverage, yes, places in the US still use 850 MHz) with 3G (2100 MHz, Europe only capability), bluetooth, Wi-Fi (802.11g/b). This is a true world phone, expanding its coverage into the previous no-man’s land of Korea and Japan (3G). It also has Blackberry capability via GPRS/EDGE. I paid around $410 USD after tax rebate. It can be purchased on the internet for $350 + S&H.