About me

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I am proud Canadian, Brit & American and a gadget freak in love with the mountains. I keep up my gadget fascination with a constant and mildly under control stream of purchases, and satisfy my desire to be in the mountains by moving from the topologically insignificant Ottawa, Canada to the geographically impressive foothills of the Rockies in Colorado. I then moved to the topologically insignificant San Jose, CA, to be with my wife, and with her time in the Coast Guard nearing an end, I’ve moved back to Boulder.

I grew up in Montreal, QC and Santa Barbara, CA. I’ve travelled a fair bit in North America, South America, Europe and Central America, especially the Caribbean.

I mountain bike, trail run, snowboard regularly. I do other outdoor activities infrequently but the activities are a little more varied (see interests).

I have now returned to Boulder, Colorado. Cassie and I bought a house in Boulder Heights at 7400′ with views to the north. Boulder is very near to the fourteener, Longs Peak, which is in Rocky Mountain National Park. I am now a firefighter with the Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District I used to live with a firefighter, and the chief of the Sunshine Fire department (and an all around good guy) Steve Stratton. In my free time I read a blog and play chess.

I met my wife, Cassie Janssen, on a misdirected flight from Cincinnati to Atlanta and we were married on November 17, 2001. She was a U.S. Coast Guard officer who served as the aide to the district eleven admiral on Coast Guard Island in Alameda, California.