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Blackberry Curve 8310 review

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My new phone (unfortunately, the red one, I wanted the silver one: They’ll swap it out when the titanium/silver one is available) came into the Boulder AT&T store on Tuesday. I called the AT&T main number and visited the website but neither gave any indication that the phone even existed. I paid $150 after rebate. This phone replaces my 8707v. As soon as I saw the Curve, I knew I wanted one, but the GPS was a necessary feature, so I waited for that version.


  • Quad-band GSM
  • GPRS and EDGE
  • Internal GPS
  • MicroSD card (with MicroSDHDC capacity, I’ve checked up to 4GB, works fine, can’t find any reasonably priced cards beyond 4GB yet, although 16GB is just around the corner)
  • Standard headphone jack, Bluetooth with A2DP profile (take that, iPhone junkies)
  • Uses SAME battery as my now-clunky 8707v
  • Media player codecs for most types of video, audio including AAC, MP3, AVI, etc.

First impressions

  • It’s small, very small. The keyboard is on the edge of being unusable due to my fat fingers, but still works great.
  • I hate the red color (sorry, crimson)
  • The GPS worked great, even though I only used the Google Maps application. You’re supposed to pay some exorbitant fee for the TeleNav navigator…. No friggin’ way. I’ll use SPOT or Blackberry Maps once I unlock the phone (according to a report, Blackberry Maps may be usable whether or not the phone is unlocked….)
  • The scrolling was erratic, but this turned out to be a hardware failure, I returned it on Friday and got a new one (thanks to Brian Mason at the Boulder store for helping me switch this out and solving my backup failure)
  • It’s fairly fast and responsive
  • Software load was very different between the two Blackberry 8310’s I got. The first one had three browsers (MediaNet, Blackberry, Internet). The new one has only one (MediaNet = WAP). I hope this is not the reason that Google Maps worked on the first one. I am also hoping this gets corrected when I activate Blackberry service with my work on Monday.
  • Media player has severe problems playing standard quarter HD MPEG4 .avi files, hopefully this will be corrected via a software fix.
  • Still no 3G or 3.5G…. I’ll still need my 8707v or RAZR V3x in Japan and Korea (2100 MHz UMTS)
  • Folks wondering why I picked the GPS versus the Wi-Fi version, here’s the lowdown: Wi-Fi with UMA and VOIP is crippled on the 8320 (T-Mobile) according to everything I’ve read. Most importantly, my work uses 802.1x with WPA supplicant (Odyssey), so I cannot use the Wi-Fi in the building. The decision was not so hard for me

By Dave

He was born in Canada, but currently lives in Boulder, CO up in Boulder Heights.

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I’m now running a beta of the Blackberry OS 4.5. (specifically, I was on 4.5.0_rel58_PL2.7.0.60_A4.5.0.42 and now I’m on 4.5.0_rel62_PL2.7.0.61_A4.5.0.44). All I can say are NIGHT and DAY. All lot of improvements have been made to the OS:

  1. Supports streaming media, like YouTube.
  2. Supports embedded pictures in e-mail messages
  3. UI for e-mail, etc, greatly improved.
  4. Browser is way better.
  5. Video capture mode!

That all being said, it’s quite buggy still, and takes a very long time to boot.

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