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Useful apps for a BlackBerry


By popular request, here are the apps I use a lot and where to get them. This is a short entry so you can get to it by Blackberry:

* Can use internal GPS on my Blackberry 8310 (and others)

Blackberry Curve 8310 review


My new phone (unfortunately, the red one, I wanted the silver one: They’ll swap it out when the titanium/silver one is available) came into the Boulder AT&T store on Tuesday. I called the AT&T main number and visited the website but neither gave any indication that the phone even existed. I paid $150 after rebate. This phone replaces my 8707v. As soon as I saw the Curve, I knew I wanted one, but the GPS was a necessary feature, so I waited for that version.


RFC humour


More geek humour. RFCs are Requests for Comment, which actual define the internet’s protocols.

Of course, my favourites (keep in mind these are REAL RFCs) are:

  1. The Evil Bit
  2. Bird Packets

Blog action day – the environment


OK, figured I’d put my 2 cents on the environment on this “blog action day“.

Bush pulling out of Kyoto was bad. Bush denying the existence of “Global Warming” (until recently) was worse. Bush still seeking the scientific advice of idiots like Michael Crichton is bad. Gore winning an Oscar was good for “An Inconvenient Truth”. Gore winning the Nobel prize was great.

Flying squirrel


Here’s some pictures I took of a flying squirrel north of my parent’s place in Montreal (it’s at their cottage near Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard)



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