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Setting up wview (5.5.4) on Ubuntu (9.0.4)

This is an update to a previous post covering the new process for setting up a dedicated server running Ubuntu server edition connected to a Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station console via a serial port. There are a few changes because of the architecture of the wview program changing databases from MySQL to SQLite. The machine was an IBM Aptiva 2198  (PIII) with 512MB of RAM, an upgraded Ethernet card and 250G internal hard disk.

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Technology & Gadgets

Linux Slug: VOIP & Weather Station

I wanted a silent weather server to run wviewweather on, to go with my new Davis Vantage Pro 2.


In view of the latest problems Vonage has been having (they are involved with litigation with Nortel, Sprint, Verizon and SunRocket), I decided to go somewhat farther afield to seek out an alternate solution.


To serve as both servers, I bought ($79 eBay) a tiny Cisco NSLU2 (known to the hacking community as the SLUG), a tiny little linux server (designed just to share USB HDDs), along with a 4 GB USB memory stick ($34 CompUSA). I’ll post details and instructions when I get it all working.