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Greensburg showcased on NPR


Story on All Things Considered on Greensburg rebuilding Green (fitting). It’s become quite a convergence of the channels. The Discovery Channel is doing a show on the rebuilding of a Greener Greensburg. The Learning Channel is following around a chosen family as they rebuild their house. My in-laws (the Mayor and his wife) have applied to be in that show, as they have yet to break ground on their new house.


Resistance: Fall of Man review


Awesome game. Great plot, extremely long play (for me, maybe 30 hours at Hard level). I actually played it last Christmas with the PS3 I “won” the right to buy on Amazon, but just put this review up because I finished Halo 3.


Halo 3 review


Finally played through Halo 3 at Heroic (started at Legendary, got stuck, changed to Heroic).


Here’s my brief review. It’s fun, and plays well. At Heroic, it took me about 20 hours to play through.


BMW 335xi review



I got my new car at the beginning of November, it’s one of the first 2008s to come on the line in Munich. Here’s some of my thoughts on this vehicle. I got the lighter blue (monaco) outside, light tan and walnut interior, and premium, winter, as well as HD radio, USB/iPod and satellite radio packages.


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