Cassie and I got back from the Galápagos islands on November 24th. We took, on four cameras, 15 600 pictures over the 14 days we were in Ecuador for our (belated) honeymoon.We were on board the Tip Top IV with Galapagos Travel for 11 days, and visited 13 islands.

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We distilled these pictures and videos down to ~2000 for flickr.

IMG_3318 IMG_3425


Sunrise in Boulder Heights



Photos of Greensburg


I’m quite glad I took as many photos as I did of Greensburg after the tornado. They’re slowly filtering off of the internet and into television shows, books and other media.

  • Purdue Alumni Connections (photo of upside down pickup is mine, despite being incorrectly attributed to the author)
  • Weather Channel production (When Weather Changed History (“Green Town”)
  • Many other places…. Just look around the web and see if they seem familiar