Literate driver

On Iris after the traffic light
Weaving around the lane on diagonal

So I’m on my way from Boulder to Longmont for my weekly trivia fix. I pull up next to this minivan (Silver Voyager 655RHD), and the driver’s reading a book at the traffic light (on Iris). I figure, OK, she’s just reading the book, clearly a novel of some length, and she’ll put it down when the light turns green. Nope! She keeps reading the book, looking up every few seconds to the road, as she got onto the Diagonal between Boulder and Longmont. Much amused, I (carefully) took a couple of snaps of the car and driver (which, of course, she never saw me taking, as she was concentrating on her book). I finally honked at her when she drifted into my lane, so that I would have had to take evasive action. In a huff, she put down her book and started driving. She got off at Airport Road, so I figure she lives thereabouts. If anyone recognizes her, please let her know that reading while driving is, well, you know… (and I’m wondering if she does it with her 2.4 kids in the minivan too?).

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