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HDR photography

Last year in November, Cassie and I visited Bandelier National Monument (funny story, the native Americans were called Anasazi for many years, turns out this was a derogatory term used by other tribes, dirt people, they now refer to themselves as the Pueblo Indians) while we went to Santa Fe, NM. There I encountered a couple of guys with tripods, Canon SLR digital cameras, and the odd habit of taking three identical photos at a time. I asked them if they were using AEB or Automatic Exposure Bracketing on the Canon, and they said why yes. They introduced me to the fun of High Dynamic Range photography. In this technique, three (or more) different exposures (as far apart as possible, like -2, 0, +2) are used to take the same photo. Then in software (I use Photomatix Pro) the photos are combined to produce some fairly startling effects. The interesting thing is that HDR photography can capture situations where the light and dark areas could not normally be captured in a scene at the same time.

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Enough talk, here’s some examples of my attempts:


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