Sunshine Canyon Fire


At about a quarter to one in the afternoon on March 1, I got a rather disturbing page on my BMFPD pagers. The page started out (I paraphrase) “wildfire fire in sunshine canyon” and rapidly escalated to “wildfire jumped the road” and “wildfire out of control, wind from all directions”. Pretty scary stuff. I rushed off (trunk open) from Longmont to Boulder Mountain Station 2, and Tom Akins and I took 4344 (a tender) to Sunshine Command (run by by old roommate, Steve Stratton). Our job was to draught the cistern, filling all trucks as they ran out of water. It doesn’t sound so exciting, but Sunshine has no hydrants, so water operations are critical to fighting a fire.

Every news organization and their brother showed up (satellite uplinks at Poorman staging), and our truck was about 100ft west of the fire’s point of ignition. Our truck is probably in some of the aerial shots from at least two hovering news choppers. This was also the first time on a fire scene I’ve seen the new “wildfire aware” reporters, who are required to wear wildland nomex. The City of Boulder reported that “Boulder Wildland” was one of the responding agencies, I think this was actually us, Boulder Mountain.
Fortunately, I even made it back home to attend a conference call, if a bit late.

Here’s some news story links (blue hats are Boulder Mountain Fire):

By Dave

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