Lefthand Canyon Fire

View from our house

It’s gonna be a tough fire season (“frequent fire miles”, anyone). We had a 6 acre fire right across the canyon from our house. Our cats and my backup disk evacuated for several hours

View on approach to the fire

This was backbreaking work, digging scratch line uphill on a steep slope and then cup trenches downhill on the other side, once we’d built line. It’s a good thing I didn’t go for a run first.


The fire broke out in the afternoon in the shooting range on BLM land, reportedly caused by tracer ammunition (yes, we were cutting line around hundreds of thousands of rounds, no doubt some of which was not spent).
Here’s some of the news reports (apparently I made KUSA NBC 9 news, if so, I’m going to owe some icecream, our traditional punishment if we’re caught on camera or in print):

By Dave

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