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Hand-crafted memory containers from RadioShack


OK, it’s a surprise that RadioShack has the best price this week ($49.99 for 1GB). JJ at work pointed me at this deal. Here’s the part I like, buried in the description:

Ultra Dual Channel DDR Memory modules ship in a beautifully crated mahogany box

Huh? Now I need to order it just to see if it comes in a mahogany box…

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OK, this has nothing to do with JJ’s memory recommendation, I just came across a link you should check out while trying to find a copy or “The Original Turtles Trading Notebook”. I think the site at the end of the link (The Resturaunt at the End of the World”? – I digress …) describes the Turtle system in very good detail. That said, I would still be interested in taking a peek at the book if you are able to find it.


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