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Drupal to e107

I’m still deciding how I’m going to handle Initially, I was quite happy with drupal (recommended by Dan) but I can’t figure out how to do some more complex (and necessary) operation with this engine (in particular, how to make the forums readable only by registered users). Now I’m in a conundrum, because about 20 users have added their information to the drupal database, and the website is advertised via a sign on the corner of Deer Trail and Lee Hill. I’ve checked, and I can’t figure out how to move people’s accounts over to e107 (also recommended by Dan, has the ability to lock out forums). Anyone have a solution?

By Dave

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I detailed this in a private email to you, but the solution SEEMS to be (i.e. it worked for me):
1) installing the Drupal taxonomy module
2) create a vocabulary covering the forums
3) install the Drupal taxonomy_access module
4) set the permissions under administer>>access_control>>category permissions

Either I haven’t fully “gotten” the taxonomy idea, or it’s a little clunky, but…. One thing I haven’t figured out is how to allow a registered user to create a new forum topic and have that topic automatically classified as being restricted. For some reason, the new forum topic can be created without any dialog box that tells Drupal in which “container” to put the topic.


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