Fictitious names

So there’s this guy at work, named, let’s call him, Kraig Gittilson…..

Actually, Kraig’s a good guy, just wanted to see if he reads my blog.

By Dave

He was born in Canada, but currently lives in Boulder, CO up in Boulder Heights.

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I’ve got to set one of these up! Nice site.
I notice that your planned books include a couple I mentioned. I also recommend (along the line of the Trading Turtles reference) “Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom” by Van Tharp. We spoke briefly of it Friday. Tharp describes himself as a trading pyscologist and describes many interesting things about stock trading and how to evaluate and set up stock trading systems. A good read if you trade stocks.
Also, “Bringing Down the House” by Ben Mezrich. A story of six M.I.T. students that used statistical card counting to make a very large pile of money in Las Vegas and similar places. Your statistical analysis of “Let’s Make a Deal” reminded me of this …

So, I see that you read many books … do you have any write-ups on your recommendations?  I’m really curious about your opinion on God’s Politics. Thanks.  Kraig G.

I really enjoyed the perspective of Jim Wallis as an evangelist Christian who actually believes in the fundamental tenets of Christianity: Anti-War, Pro-Life (including death penalty), etc. As a non-practicing Christian, I was relieved to find out that there were folks out there who actually took the Bible a lot more literally than W.

I am thinking about subscribing to the newsletter for his organization, The Sojourners. 

I don’t normally publish reviews, but I’m checking with the author of Now Reading (WordPress plugin) to see if I can rate the books I read, and perhaps add a comments.

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