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Stumble’d upon’s illusions



Trying out StumbleUpon, after a recommendation from a friend.



Playing house with Gutsy Gibbon


Well, rumors of a user-friendly installation and easy compatibility for Ubuntu 7.10 are greatly exaggerated. Although it’s easy to use, it’s really quite difficult to install. Here are some of my trials and tribulations, and how I fixed them.


Thanksgiving snowstorm


Got a wonderful snowstorm (and some not-so-welcome 9 F temperatures) in the early morning on November 21st just in time for Thanksgiving (American, we already celebrated the Canadian one in October in Montreal).





Here’s some of the stuff I’ve found interesting about Japan. This is my first time back in almost 3 years. Link to the photo gallery.



Daylight Saving Time


Finally upgraded all my computers and slugs to take into account the Daylight Savings Time switch in November versus October. All my computers and clocks seemed to do it all automagically, but my slug didn’t. Here how I fixed the time on the NSLU2 running SlugOS (formerly OpenSlug). This particular slug runs the weather station using wviewweather, so you’ll see a 1 hour (not real) gap in the data when I did the adjustment yesterday.

  • login
  • ipkg update
    ipkg remove timezones
    ipkg install tzdata-americas
    rm /etc/localtime
    ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/US/Mountain /etc/localtime

POCSAG decoding


My current project is to get rid of my digital fire pager (and possibly those of other folks on the department who are interested).


I purchased a Realistic PRO-57 scanner, which is easily modified (done) to add a discriminator output using the excellent instructions here. I also purchased a two level data slicer to provide a serial port output. With the serial input, I can have any computer or slug in my house (with serial-USB adapter) send me an e-mail or a text message when I get a page. I’ll keep y’all appraised if it works out.

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