April snow storm

Sorry, little late posting. So my buddy Mike B. came up to fix his computer, and ended spending the night because we got 20 3/4 inches of snow and he was driving on no-season radials. Coming into Boulder, there was almost nothing the next day.

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Self portrait early on.

20.5 inches (see the gallery for the money shot of the ruler at 20 3/4)
Back deck
Back deck, see the indentation from the hot tub? There was over 20 3/4″ on the back deck, and using my quick math, I realized we need to shovel off the hot tub cover first thing the next morning with the weight on it.


Thanksgiving snowstorm

Got a wonderful snowstorm (and some not-so-welcome 9 F temperatures) in the early morning on November 21st just in time for Thanksgiving (American, we already celebrated the Canadian one in October in Montreal).