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Cho bought gun stuff on eBay


Kind of spooky, click here. The seller was oneclickshooting. According to eBay, no ammo was sold, just magazines.

Clearly, somebody else’s problem



Blood vessel burst in the eye


Pretty cool looking, probably not threatening to my health…. I’ve put this under a read more tag so the squeamish can avoid viewing the photo.


Bought Nokia E65, may switch yet again soon


I just bought a Nokia E65 cell phone. As many of you know, I’m a bit of a cell phone junkie. The E65 replaces my Blackberry 8707v. Just to annoy me, my workplace just implemented the extremely, annoyingly, convenient SameTime client on Blackberry, letting me do IM on the Blackberry (poorly). For those following my haphazard cell phone buying, you might want to know why go back to Blackberry Connect from an original Blackberry.



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