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Logitech Harmony 890 review


This is an awesome remote with a huge HAF and WAF (Husband Acceptance Factor and Wife Acceptance Factor). I’m really please with it after using it for a week. I really don’t have any remotes hanging around anymore, and not have to point the remote at the device is huge, especially with multi-device macros and sequences. Looking at my pros and cons, it looks like I don’t like it, but it really is one of the best recent gadgets I’ve bought!



Ditching the E61


Here’s why I ordered myself a BlackBerry 8707v from eBay (3G, quad GSM) and am ditching the E61.


Finally, PlayFair and iTunes 7.xx cracked again


My old favorite, iOpener, stopped working as of iTunes 6. With all the hubbub about the cracks, someone actually put a decent user interface it, called MyFairTunes6 . It’s really slow, and doesn’t work as well as iOpener, but it does work to convert .m4p’s to .m4a’s.

Still needs work:

  1. Better than real time conversion like iOpener would be nice.
  2. Conversion to same compression ratio (lossiness) would be nice.
  3. Telling iTunes where to find the new cut would be nice. 

Air chair





Me and my brother Borat.


Famous last words


I like Marie-Antoinette’s….

Read them all here .

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