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Yes, you can use your frequent flyer miles for this…




Top 10 BitTorrent sites


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Set for EuroBusiness… Cheap calls via E61, SIP, Airport Express, prepaid calling card


Well, I’m getting ready for another trip, and have set up my gadgets to make calling cheap.

  • I’ve setup my Nokia E61 to talk to my Apple Airport Express. This means that any hotel room with an Ethernet connection (most!) becomes my cheap calling system (Gizmo is my SIP provider). I chose the Airport Express because of its size and portability. As one commenter on my blog points out, it is actually easy to make this work by using an intermediary SIP trunk provider (
  • For cell service, I’m abandoning my Cingular number for a United Mobile number (Lichenstein-based) which offers free incoming calls, and relatively inexpensive outgoing calls. There is a catch, calls TO my number are expensive, regardless of originating location or service (about $1.50/minute). So to preserve my family calls, Cassie will only be using the SIP setup above.

Ordered Canon Rebel XTi


As I suspected, Canon is bringing its 10 Megapixel CMOS sensor to the Digital Rebel line . I preordered mine from Amazon .


Despite the many rebates Canon has been offering in the past couple of months (down to $500 for the Rebel XT body-only), I could not bring myself to buy an SLR to move up from 7.1 Megapixels (SD550) to 8 Megapixels, and I didn’t want the size of the 5D or its price.

This is ideal!

Nokia E61 review


Nokia E61 no case.JPG

On my last trip to the far East (China, HK, Taiwan, Singapore) I bought the Nokia E61 phone + PDA. This phone is quad band GSM (for best North America coverage, yes, places in the US still use 850 MHz) with 3G (2100 MHz, Europe only capability), bluetooth, Wi-Fi (802.11g/b). This is a true world phone, expanding its coverage into the previous no-man’s land of Korea and Japan (3G). It also has Blackberry capability via GPRS/EDGE. I paid around $410 USD after tax rebate. It can be purchased on the internet for $350 + S&H.

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