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Kind of kicking myself for not having done this early, but I soft-modded my Xbox (using MechAssault), and installed the XBMC 2.0.0 package this weekend. With a 0.0 build, it’s a bit buggy, but for the mere cost of an Action Replay 8MB memory card and a $2.29 used copy of MechAssault from Gamespot (not to mention about 3 hours to get it working…. my bad) I have a super-powerful media center PC, which can play movies PROPERLY off my NAS box, Youtubs, whatever. The interface is slick and fast, and supports FF and RW at various speeds, unlike my DSM-520.

Only 1 downside, the thing is LOUD when on (and cannot be turned on or off with the remote).

With some smart shopping on eBay, you could get this High Definition platform up and working for under
$150 + $30+$3 = $183, a bargain compared to the competition and the power of this platform.

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