US Citizenship: Audio CD

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I lost access to the audio CD I was given at the fingerprinting and ID stage of my US naturalization. At this appointment, upon leaving, I was given a Booklet and Audio CD (Both titled: “Learn About the United States: Quick Civics Lessons”). Strangely enough, I could not find the Audio CD anywhere online (except one Russian site ILLEGALLY selling the MP3s). On closer examination of the CD, when I finally got it back, I realized that the CD was not, in fact, copyrighted (this should have been obvious, I know, as it was a government publication), so I am enclosing a link to the torrent (2 mp3 files):

  • Quick Civics Lessons: Audio CD torrent (removed December 12, 2008…. Hope everyone got it)

A Cautionary Note:

Anyone applying (submitting form N-400) for US Citizenship on or after October 1, 2008 will have to take a DIFFERENT test (i.e., this audio CD does not cover enough). The new test, based on a quick perusal of the questions, is significantly tougher. After Oct 1, 2008, anyone TAKING the test can opt for either test.

By Dave

He was born in Canada, but currently lives in Boulder, CO up in Boulder Heights.

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Yes, use a BitTorrent client like Azureus (all platforms) or uTorrent (Windows) to download the files. They’re too big to post or e-mail.

While preparing for my citizenship interview I came upon a free website that offers video lessons, interactive quizzes and games. The best part is you can listen to all the new and current 100 citizenship question right on the site. The site is

Thanks for all your advise and I hope this site helps people like it helped me.

Please download the audio CD via BitTorrent. The files are too large to SEND BY E-MAIL or PUT ON THE WEB. Click on the link above to download the torrent.

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the BitTorrent link.

I tried to download the mp3 files via BitTorrent, but it seems that the mp3 files are no longer available. My BitTorrent client is always looking, but nothing is being downloaded.

Can you please upload the mp3 files to a free site such as (up to 300MB)
so we all can download them easily?

Thanks in advance for your kindly help!


I checked and I’m still seeding. I had a friend test and it’s working fine. I will seed for another month, then shut down the BT. I’ve raised my upload bandwidth, so it should go a little faster, even if I’m the only source.

Although I appreciate your suggestion, I’m not going to upload my files anytime soon, my BT seed will have to do. You can, of course, buy a replacement CD from a variety of sources.


Dave, you’re such an asshole. Why don’t you just take Gary’s suggestion and upload it? Why will your BT Seed have to do only?

You posted this about almost 2 months ago and people still aren’t able to download the torrent.

I think Matt’s comment pretty much sums up why I don’t normally do this kind of stuff (it was an experiment to see if I could seed a torrent for a large file as a file distribution technique).

Thank You For Making It Work

Just wanted to say all that to see what you would do and how you would respond. No hard feelings towards you. I take back my previous comment too.

Does anyone know when the Audio CD for the New (Redesigned) Test will be release? Does anyone already have it? Can you upload it for us? Thanks and Happy Christmas.

I was late in finding your site/blog via google. Any chance of getting it from you via whatever means? Many thanks in advance.

I dont think Dave is a guy that know much about computer stuff. There are tons of software will let you compress the CD into mp3 file. You can compress it as small as you want. Those files can be as small as10mb,20mb…etc..

Anyone got it on the original torrent care to upload it somehow? I would like to have a copy but looks like the torrent has been taken down

I would like to have a copy of this CD, but the torrent has been removed

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