Added online photo gallery

I’ve added a photo gallery (using gallery2) to this installation of WordPress. If you click on the random photo or the page marked “Gallery“, you can see the full-size original, and browse the whole gallery (currently 1000’s of photos, and going up every day).

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By Dave

He was born in Canada, but currently lives in Boulder, CO up in Boulder Heights.

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I had read about Gallery in PC Magazine recently. Looks very nice. Note that they are using Drupal for their own site! Not that I am THAT big of a fan of Drupal. WordPress is a lot easier to use, if less capable.

Best part of Gallery2 is that I actually use the same installation for the three different sites, albeit with different photo databases and stores: (joomla) (raw unadulterated php, soon to be joomla) (wordpress)

And it’s FAST! Running with MySQL and the Apache server on the same site (hosted in Virtual environment by Bluehost), the pictures are snappy to come up, fast to upload, etc.

I even managed to move the entire photo galleries off of 1and1 over to bluehost, with a bare minimum of problems (used export from phpMySQLAdmin, then import on the new server, after modifying the SQL script appropriately to reflect the new locations).

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