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Infrant ReadyNAS NV review


This is a review of the Infrant ReadyNAS NV, not their newer NV+ (featuring quieter operation and an LCD display). This review was written by request (yup, Jason G., I’m talking about you).


Out of the box, this is my favorite computer hardware. I bought a diskless ReadyNAS NV for around $663 including shipping (from and populated it with 4x 750 GB hard-drives. The initial firmware didn’t support these newly released Seagate 750s, so I populated it with 3x 750 until it could. It’s been solid and reliable ever since.


Linux installed


Finally got my first LINUX server up-and-running for the fire department. It’s a great indication of how some distributions are much better than others. Read on to see how it progressed.


Who’s That Girl


OK, this is an uncommon complaint, because I’ve found nobody even refer to this remotely anywhere on the internet. In the song, Who’s That Girl, Annie Lennox and the Eurythmics mess around with the lyrics of the chorus every time they sing it. In the first refrain, it’s:

“running around” (listen), followed by
“vunning around” (listen), followed by
“vunning avound” (listen)

Really. Listen for yourself, she does it again in the second and third chorus, but almost seems to be singing away from the microphone so you can’t hear it like in the first chorus. It’s like someone faking an ever stronger German accent. Funny stuff.

Added online photo gallery


I’ve added a photo gallery (using gallery2) to this installation of WordPress. If you click on the random photo or the page marked “Gallery“, you can see the full-size original, and browse the whole gallery (currently 1000’s of photos, and going up every day).

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