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  • My web browser is Firefox, with the tabbrowser preference extension making everything open in the same window, and Tab Clicking Options making a double-click close a tab, other speedups I’ve used are here, not to mention the Google mod that makes google be used for everything typed into the location/address bar that isn’t a web address (I’ve also disabled blinking text… who doesn’t [see, still blinking on Jan 9, 2005]. Also, don’t forget to find as you type in the preferences, very cool.
  • for web hosting, including FrontPage extensions, MySQL database and PHP
  • for domain name registration (I never use my web host as my registrar)
  • phpBB is my new forum agent (PHP, MySQL based)
  • I read a lot of my technology news at, some or the most interesting posts are at Slashdot
  • For news about technology risks, etc, I go to comp.risks, which is easier to read here.
  • FrontPage 2003 is my favourite web page editor
  • PHP and MySQL are my scripting and database of choice
  • SquirrelMail is my newly installed webmail client (PHP-based)

By Dave

He was born in Canada, but currently lives in Boulder, CO up in Boulder Heights.

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