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To XBOX360 or not

Well, I’m trying to decide whether I want an XBOX360 or can settle for the D-LINK DSM 520. I do torrent quite a few shows (mostly paid for on regular satellite), so I want to be able to stream them from my PC (out in the office, a separate building) to the big TV in the living room. I can’t seem to wait in line outside Walmart or Target to actually get one of the XBOX360s, so I’m thinking I may wait until Halo 3 comes out (simultaneous with the release of the PS3 from SONY), and then get one, in the meantime get one of those D-Link boxes.

There’s really only one format used on torrents: .AVI with MPEG4 encoding, which both *should* be abled to read over the Windows Media Connect interface. Advice? Let me know.

For reference, the XBOX360 is about $500 for the one I would buy, and the D-Link box is about $220. Currently, eBay prices for an XBOX360 hover over the $700 mark.

By Dave

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