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Cancelling my PC Magazine subscription


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PC Magazine’s latest issue (January 2009) contained the following interesting tidbit:

An Open letter to PC Magazine (Print) Readers,

The January 2009 issue (Volume 28, Issue 1) of PC Magazine will mark a monumental transition for the publication. It is the last printed edition of this venerable publication. Of course, as with any technology-related enterprise, this is not the end, but the beginning of something exciting and new.

Starting in February 2009, PC Magazine will become a 100-percent digital publication.

Well, that’s all nice and fun, except I read my magazines where and when I don’t want a computer. So this new distribution DOESN’T WORK FOR ME. Also, I have print publications (magazines) and online magazines. They each serve different purposes.

So, long and short, I’ll be calling them to cancel my subscription shortly and get a refund…. My subscription would have run out in September 2009.