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  • Jamie S. pointed out I can get rid of my totally lame hotmail account, and use only my regular e-mail for instant messaging using MSN or Windows Messenger (I prefer Windows Messenger, because it’s lighter and fluffier)
  • Exeem has been released, but I’m still not seeing a lot of users or even marginally decent throughput (not to mention file selection), so I still end up using ABC, and I still use torrentreactorand to find the torrents for TV shows. Warning, Exeem seems to contain a fair bit of spyware, so be sure to use HijackThis and AdAware. is now down.
  • OK, so you know you need antivirus software otherwise geeks will laugh and point at you when your computer gets infected. But a) you don’t want to pay money, or b) you don’t want your computer to slow down to a standstill. Well, Norton Antivirus makes the fastest Pentium slothlike, so try AVG (the free version, duh) from Grisoft.

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He was born in Canada, but currently lives in Boulder, CO up in Boulder Heights.

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