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P2P sharing developments

As of today, here’s some of the news I’ve gathered on P2P networks.

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  • Exeem 0.22 was released recently, and I took some time to check it out for content. It sucks still (no content!), and seems to even hang my machine up for prolonged periods. No more Exeem for me. When I first read the Bram Cohen interview, where he talks about Exeem in a somewhat derogatory manner, I dismissed his sentiment as sour grapes because it looked like Exeem was going to be the be-all and end-all. Well, more than a month later, I think he was right. Exeem is a carbon-copy of eDonkey in terms of functionality, but is much slower. BitTorrent, on the other hand, shares only the metaphor in common with Exeem and eDonkey, where “swarming” increases download speed by making every downloader an uploader. Bram was right about Exeem, but wrong about BitTorrent, which really does not appear to be superior to eDonkey, etc.
  • My last good resource for TV show downloading, when my TiVo didn’t catch it, was BTEFNET, which now appears to be down, maybe for good. Update, back up again, phew.
  • I still have not found a great Torrent client on the Mac. mlMac seems OK, but I cannot get the featured .torrent compatibility to work. Tomato works OK, but went completely nuts on the upload side without warning, killing my meager 384 kbps upload capability. I still haven’t got ABC, my favourite client, to work on the Mac. Azureus works fine, but it doesn’t take files double-clicked into it (which incidentally, was the reason I abandoned it on Windows as well.

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