Greensburg Kansas Tornado

Please check the Gallery for up-to-date photos from Greensburg. I’m currently doing search-and-rescue with canine units in Greensburg, KS. My wife’s family is from Greensburg, and they’re all OK.


  • Update: 5/07/07 – Back in Colorado, Wife staying a week to cleanup. More pictures posted today.
  • Here’s some aerial views. Taken by a local paper.

  • Update: 5/08/07 – W’s coming to Greensburg Wednesday.
  • Update: 5/09/07 – FEMA threatening to tear down all houses in Greensburg. I’m going back to help clean out, and Melanie Pray (from BMFPD) is joining me to lend a hand.
  • Update: 5/13/07 – We’re back. Many more pictures taken (some Lilly’s, some mine) and posted.
  • Update: 6/10/07 – The Janssen house has been bulldozed. John Janssen is now mayor of Greensburg. Here’s an article in the Wichita Eagle. The plan is to rebuild Greensburg as a green town…. Ambitious and heart-warming.

By Dave

He was born in Canada, but currently lives in Boulder, CO up in Boulder Heights.

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Great stuff Dave, I have passed this on to alot of John’s friends from Indiana. It is good work you are doing, just must be hard to see the devastation. I am so glad J and L were out of harms way that night, but I know it still has to be hard on them.Give John regards and best wishes from Wally, Frank Terrell, Tim Burks, Denny, and myself.

Be carefull out there, Dave Cobb

I echo Dave’s thoughts – it is so unbelievable to look at the pictures. I can’t even imagine how devasting it must be to see in person. Please pass on to John & Lana our thoughts and prayers and let them know that we are willing to do whatever is needed for them and the town. Small town America needs to survive – just to keep us sane!
Linda Mullen

Lana, and John, – We are thinking of you from IOWA. I know you are busy, and have a zillion things to do and think about. Know that you are in our thoughts every day. We are able to break away in late June for a week, if we can be of help please let us know.

Dianna, Tom and Jack

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