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Funambol for Blackberry-Outlook OTA synchronization

I’ve been working on getting Over-The-Air synchronization working on my BlackBerry using only SyncML, Blackberry Internet Services (BIS) and Funambol. All with no luck! If anyone reads this and knows what’s going on, please drop me an e-mail or leave a comment.

  1. The Signup button on the MyFunambol beta server has been missing for the last three days (just came back), so I’ve been using ScheduleWorld.
  2. ScheduleWorld and Blackberry Funambol fail to sychronize (lost connection). Admittedly, I have a lot of contacts (3000+), but this is ridiculous. I’ll try with myFunambol, but without the problem below solved, this is all a waste of my time.
  3. Funambol Outlook Plug-in crashes every time I load it. I’m using Outlook 2007, with Funambol Outlook plug-in 6.5.8 on Windows Vista with SP1. The program runs fine until Options are selected (this happens automatically if you hit any button), at which point it promptly crashes. I’ve uninstalled this, as well as Office 2007, and even deleted registry entries related to Funambol, all to no avail. The program SIMPLY DOES NOT WORK. Ever. I can’t find anyone else experiencing this failure on the web, so I don’t know what to do next. Here’s some of the culprits I’ve investigated: 1) Removing registry entries, uninstalled programs and folders related to Outlook and Funambol, 2) Removed AVG antivirus, 3) Removed Google Desktop plug-in from Outlook. Other things not yet investigated: 1) Remove GD completely, 2) Remove Adobe Acrobat Professional 8.0.

Unfortunately, if I can’t get this working, I’ll have to wait until I start at my next employer, because I’m not willing to pay for this kind of synchronization (or here).

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It turns out Funambol 6.5.8 is incompatible with the Tablet PC Input Service (in use for my Wacom tablet). Go into the Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools > Service and disable this service, at least until Funambol releases the next version which should fix it.

Thanks to the prompt response from Funambol support to my post here and post on the Outlook plugin forum in Hal’s comment above.

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