Will my vote count? Will those of others in Boulder County?

I’ll update this post as I learn more. On October 27, my wife and I returned our mail-in ballots to the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder’s office in Boulder. I had filled out the ballot completely, signed the outside, and placed the ballot within the secrecy envelope.

This morning, I checked my ballot status online, and my wife’s ballot (submitted simultaneously) was listed as “Received: October 27” and “ACCEPTED”. My was incorrectly marked as “Received: October 8”, with no indication of whether it was accepted.

I called them up, they looked in the file, said that YES, my ballot was accepted, on October 27, and that it would be counted.

This afternoon, I received an official letter from the Clerk and Recorder’s office, saying that my ballot would not be counted unless I submitted the enclosed Signature Affidavit with a copy of proof of identification. The note said: “the signatures do not appear to be the same.” between their signature on-file (presumably from when I registered on September 29th) and my ballot.

Of course, I called in IMMEDIATELY to ask why I was being told on one hand, that I was good to go and had voted, and on the other, that unless I immediately went to the office, my ballot would not be counted. The phone lady was very nice, but had no record of the letter going out, and only saw that everything looked good (and in fact, although my signatures which she could reference on-screen, “lacked definition”, they were reasonably similar).

As a first time voter this is terrifying for me, as obviously I will submit the required information, but how many other might not? What if someone left town after voting? I’m required to submit this affidavit on by November 12th, otherwise my vote will not be counted. Huh? Does this mean no votes are counted until November 12th? Surely not! Does this means MY VOTE won’t be counted until November 12th?

By Dave

He was born in Canada, but currently lives in Boulder, CO up in Boulder Heights.

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Well, long story short, they’ve decided that I DO need to submit the affidavit of signature. Luckily, the Boulder County Clerk & Recorder is my next door neighbour, so this shouldn’t be too difficult.

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