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Putting out fires I set

I took the opportunity yesterday to volunteer to help the Sheriff’s office to burn some ditches near IBM in Boulder. We even burned right across diagonal. It was exhausting but good experience in fire behavior. In the middle of diagonal it even got exciting for a few minutes.


Mallory Cave hike

Cassie and I took advantage at some warm weather to do a long hike from NCAR. It was quite icy downhill, as the snow hadn’t melted. Here’s some pictures.


Thanksgiving snowstorm

Got a wonderful snowstorm (and some not-so-welcome 9 F temperatures) in the early morning on November 21st just in time for Thanksgiving (American, we already celebrated the Canadian one in October in Montreal).




I left the garage door open yesterday for a few minutes while I was putting our recycling in the car (we do not have curb recycling – No curb!). This guy showed up (I reckon, around 6′-7′ long). Click here for the gallery.

15126 (more…)

Cat and mouse

We saved the mouse, it came back a couple of days later and was promptly dispatched by Boulder… Click here for the gallery.




Giant bug

Cassie found this giant beetle outside on our porch. I threw a quarter next to it for comparison.


Windstorm in the mountains

Got the nastiest windstorm (gallery here) come through and sit on us all night on June 6. Up at Carter Lake, the top winds clocked were 101 MPH, but I think we might have beaten that wind speed (120 MPH from the top of Lee Hill).

At midnight, we saw that our arch over the stairway was gone, and the BBQ and deck chairs had collapsed the railing. The hot tub cover had been ripped off, and I had to go find it. We brought everything in. I slept with earplugs.



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