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I am Canadian


This is the Molson Canadian commercial that everyone liked…. Finally posting it. Below are some spoofs and spinoffs.

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third date


Another Will Farrell skit from I liked:

The Landlord


Will Farrell skit from

OK Go on treadmills


This video got Cassie and I interested in OK Go.


Dick in a box (NSFW)


Explicit… Funny Saturday Night Live video. NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK = NSFW.

German Coast Guard


Since this is another popular one, and I was fixing up my new WordPress 2.3 tag cloud, which is a little painful for posts with video, I thought I’d add a link to this video:

Dry cleaners’ revenge


Got this note on my dry cleaning receipt…

Yes, I do have cats, one of the decided to sleep on my suit before I was to get it cleaned. And I thought that’s what they did for a living

Piano pirate


Heard the article about the mysteriously plagiarized works of pianist Joyce Hatto on one of my podcasts (On The Media). I recognized the story from an earlier online entry (Slashdot). Thought I’d link to the story here, because it’s kind of interesting.




I left the garage door open yesterday for a few minutes while I was putting our recycling in the car (we do not have curb recycling – No curb!). This guy showed up (I reckon, around 6′-7′ long). Click here for the gallery.

15126 (more…)

Cat and mouse


We saved the mouse, it came back a couple of days later and was promptly dispatched by Boulder… Click here for the gallery.


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