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Moved to Bluehost



I moved all webpages for:, .us, .org, .ca, .net

Over to Seems good so far. 1and1 was starting to have real performance problems, so I ditched them.

Europe PS3 to have limited PS2 compatibility



Maybe they took out the PS2 chip present in my PS3. It looks like the Europe PS3 is NOT the same as the PS3 in the US.

No bang, just a whimper


With little ado, Slysoft introduced AnyDVD HD, a utility to rip HD-DVDs. That was quick. I guess after Muslix64 showed this could be done for HD-DVD and Blu-Ray in a week, it was just a matter of time for someone to introduce a user-friendly commercial application that accomplishes the same thing as Muslix64’s script in an elegant way.


If this works with the $200 HD-DVD player from Microsoft, this would be awesome.

Tower construction underway



Finally, tower construction at Lookout Mountain (near Golden) for HDTV television antennas is underway. I’ve been following this issue for some time, so this is a real step forward.

Did they really catch you sharing?


Apparently, the DMCA takedowns and RIAA complaints may not be justified. They may not even know if you are, in fact, file-sharing. Check out this scholarly article showing (bookmark it!) they may not have a leg to stand on.

Password generator


SuperGenPass is a neat utility was called out on TWIT (This Week in Technology). It’s a password generator that allows you to generate passwords for various websites based on a master password. Alternately, you could use the tiered system I’ve used before (1 password for secure websites, 1 password for less secure websites, 1 password for throw-away websites).

DRM war



As many folks know, Apple CEO Steve Jobs recently posted a provocative article about removing DRM from iTunes. MacroVision (the owner of many DRM technologies) posted a response. And here’s the translation of that response into plain English.

Current gear


Moved to a page

Roku M500 review


This review is a little late coming, but here goes. I am on my third (yes) M500 after replacing two previous ones. The Roku M500 is a streaming audio box that allows you to stream internet radio, music from a NAS box, computer, iTunes, etc. It comes with a nice remote and it has a built-in display that’s bright and displays the time while off (via NTP update). I use (or used) the Roku because AM and FM reception are sketchy up here in the mountains, and also I like to listen to radio from Canada (CBC, etc.) from time to time. Most of the time I do not use it because I use my new Yamaha RX-V2700 to stream audio.



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