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Hot tub installed


Finally, after multiple screwups by our electricians (needs 50A instead of 40A) and the hot tub supplier (doesn’t need crane, needs crane, can connect electrical, can’t), the hot tub is installed.

We built a sub-deck for the hot tub, so that the top is flush with the main deck. Also, to preserve the view from the hot tub, we elected to use wire railing (since our house is on the side of the hill, this means the dropoff under our now extended deck is now almost 20 feet!).

Cool clouds


Saw these cool clouds coming down LeftHand Canyon, thought it was worth a picture (and web posting).

First week of work


Here’s a view of my work, with Long’s Peak (a fourteener) in the background.

Seagate with Long's Peak

Heck, even I’m jealous of my workplace (a great company), and my extremely convenient commute to home (about 20 minutes).

I am Product Manager for Consumer Electronics for Seagate, which gives me a great opportunity to combine my personal passion for electronics with a successful company in a great market.

New SD550 digital camera


I just bought the Canon SD550, after reading a review on dpreview of it’s predecessor, the SD500. It’s a very nice camera, and very quick. I’ve not taken any spectacular photos yet (little disappointed), and I’ve invested in some faster SD memory to keep up with this speedy camera.

– 7.1 megapixel
– very large LCD display

– requires fast SD for continuous shooting (I bought 150x)
– very large LCD interferes with hand
– fuzzy LCD display
– pictures are just not “up to” the quality yet, not sure why given the spectacular review of its predecessor, the SD500.

Hot tub delivery


Because of the inconvenience (and instability of the flight of stairs), we needed to get a crane to come and deliver our hot tub onto our new deck (it’s recessed on a sub-deck, so that it’s even with the deck.

Those with sharp eyes will notice the butchering of a stainjob I did on the brand new deck, which Cassie is in the process of cleaning up.

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