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Las Vegas environs


In Vegas:


We stayed at the Bellagio, I had drinks with Michael Douglas, and was briefly on a first-name basis with him. I met and had dinner chosen for me by Chef David Burke at one his restaurants. I had front row tickets to a Mary J Blige concert (pic) and actually touched her hand. Cassie and I went to see Penn & Teller, and “O” (Cirque du Soleil).

Outside Vegas:


Rob, Cassie and I went to Red Rock Canyon outside Vegas. We saw a ringtail cat and went under a very cold waterfall.


Back from CES


pic02695.jpgI did booth duty and help setup my company’s booth at CES. It was a lot of work, and honestly, I got more information about what was going on at the show last year, when I didn’t attend, than this year, when I did. A great source of information about CES is clearly Engadget.

I have to say, after hearing about the stunt pulled by Gizmodo, I would have been extremely upset at this individual (Richard Blakeley) if he had done this to our booth.

Lightning photos


16929I’ve taken a few lightning photos which have come out rather well, in my opinion. My technique is not very advanced, and possibly not the best, but here’s what I do:

  1. Turn off the flash (or automatic flash)
  2. Set the timer to 2 seconds (10 seconds is too long).
  3. Mount camera on tripod, gorillapod, or rest it somewhere steady.
  4. Trigger it OVER and OVER again until you get the picture you want.
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