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Russian roulette



OK, I got to watching the HBO mini-series Epitafios (awesome show, IMHO), where one of the main characters is in the habit of playing Russian Roulette. My instinct was to agree with the odds initially posted on the wikipedia article here and discussed here , that with no respin, the odds go up on each subsequent trigger pull: 1/6, 1/5, 1/4…. etc. to 1/1 on the sixth. I realized that this was a misreprentation of the statistics, because only one "selection" was made at the beginning of the game (the spin). So I wrote a program to simulate the game, and to my pleasant surprise, I was right, each pull is 1/6 up until the sixth pull which is 1/1.

Long story short, Russian Roulette doesn’t become successively more dangerous as you play. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll never play, but this was kind of interesting to me to do the math (and a interesting example of how the self-correcting nature of Wikipedia is accessible to everybody.)

Heart attack victim saved by passing defibrillator salesman and nurses


Lucky, lucky, lucky.

Beer belly camelfront


Yup, it’s a beer belly drink holder so you can drink brews everywhere in public…




Edward Tufte , author of the Visual Display of Quantitative Information series of books (I own), came up with the concept of sparklines ….

Here’s an example from the webpage:

   5 year
 Cisco  EMC3a.png

Again, borrowed from Dan’s blog

3D street art


As seen on Dan’s blog , an amazing street artist’s work .


Top 10 Windows XP Tips of All Time



Some of them are kind of dumb, but some are quite clever. Check out the Yahoo article here .

Spray painting Air Force One


OK, it’s kind of fun:


First go here

And then go here  

Blasting Digg


Bunch of articles decrying censorship practices at Digg :

A tour of Microsoft’s Mac lab


Kind of neat article . Love those Mac minis.


You’ve got to be kidding.


This gentleman went door to door claiming to be a breast inspector.

Not sure how bad I feel for the victims, not really the brightest sort….

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