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Improv Everywhere


Just listening to a really interesting This American Life (listen to Mind Games in RealAudio) about a group called Improv Everywhere who stage Missions. Great story!


Fight! Fight! Nature vs. Encyclopaedia Britannica


Gotta love a good public dust-up. Here’s the background, in December 2005, Nature published an article and editorial that showed Wikipedia was better than Encyclopaedia Britannica and encouraged scientists to contribute to Wikipedia. Britannica struck back by publishing a response questioning the methodology and results of the original Nature article. This whole sequence of events is documented here and here . I even like the part about the Britannica calling Wikipedia a "Faith-based Encyclopedia" and comparing it to followers of Intelligent Design. 

CIRA withdraws from ICANN



Well, if you’ve used the .CA address to get here, this is interesting. As you might know, I currently own , and Canadian domain


Many folks (here , here ) have been protesting ICANN ‘s unwaivering support of Verisign for the administration of the top-level .com domains. Finally a national registry, traditionally quite cozy with ICANN , has pulled out of ICANN in protest of the February 28th announcement by ICANN.

This is one of those open-market things for me. I don’t believe that the internet spun out of control when InterNic turned Network Solutions lost exclusive TLD control for .net, .org, etc. 

Cheney’s got a gun


It was bound to happen, someone has done an animated take on the popular phrase that sprang up after the Cheney shooting. 

Star Wars TV show to run for 100 episodes


Star Wars Millenium Falcon.jpg

I am really looking forward to this show .

First DVR-only commercial


DVR’s are now becoming common, as evidenced by this KFC commercial, complete with a single frame with a coupon:


Article in WSJ , subscription required. 

engadget caught stealing from another site


I like both the victim and perpetrator sites mentioned in the article.

Fugly websites and the power of advertising


Here’s a neat article describing the benefits of ugly websites.

BTW, here’s my nomination for ugly and difficult to use.

Internet searching for CIA agents


CNN article shows another use for internet searching. That’s an easier way to out Wilson’s wife.

Joomla chosen, tentatively….


 Joomla Logo Vert Color Thumbnail.png

It looks like I’m going to Joomla for the Boulder Heights website. Here’s why I picked Joomla, at least for now:

  • Built-in forum module with support for registered users
  • VirtueMart plugin for e-commerce (requested by a few) -> This is key for supporting purchases of the Boulder Heights directory.
  • Classified module for local classifieds (or, could use JoomlaBoard)
  • TinyMCE WYSIWYG support
  • No need to touch anything under the hood. Components self install.
  • Easiest installation, ever…. 2 minutes total!

You can see my progress at getting this up and running here.

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