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I happened to be at the firestation when a wildland fire broke out. Captain asked if I had a red card, and we went off to fight that fire. It turned out to be a small fire (1 acre), so we had it contained and mopped up in under 6 hours.

Me near some fire.

I was real lucky, because I don’t yet carry a pager, so I wouldn’t have known about the fire except for the fact I was at the fire station (doing truck maintenance).

Pet fox


The neighbor’s been feeding the fox again… She says she’s been feeding the foxes for three generations, with a sheepish look on her face, so I didn’t feel a lot of guilt about corrupting this fox by feeding it. All we had in the house was sushi.

Go figure, foxes don’t like sushi.

Feeder overrun by vicious hummingbirds


Well, seeing another neighbor across the hill’s success (in Sunshine), we put up a hummingbird feeder of our own. It was a resounding success, with up to 8 of the birds around the feeder at a time, of 3-4 different species (Rufous, ruby, and another few).

They go through an entire feeder every day, and will hover in front of your face if their feeder is not promptly refilled. The rufous hummingbirds (female, male is less aggressive) do not tolerate any other species on the feeder at the same time.

The cats are quite annoyed, and are hoping the window develops a hole sometime soon.

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