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World’s smallest DLP projector


SVGA, $700, runs off a battery. LED-based illumination. Cool.

Mitsubishi projector with cell phone

Virtual keyboard, now with Bluetooth


Virtual Keyboard with Bluetooth
Still pretty pricey at around $199, but cool.

DVI vs. HDMI vs. Component Video


Interesting article posted at eCoustics on the differences. I’m commonly asked the same question, but it appears reasonably well answered in the posting.

=> Read more!

Exeem at 0.21


Exeem has been updated to 0.21, but it still doesn’t hold a candle to BitTorrent content from BTEFNET and TorrentReactor. The content just isn’t up to snuff on Exeem. Friends point out this may change once all the torrent sites are down, but I still haven’t seen over 25000 users worldwide on Exeem. Maybe I’m being too hard on the program, as it’s still in BETA.

There was an unflattering interview on NeoWin with the original author of BitTorrent, Bram Cohen, where he was fairly dismissive of Exeem.

Photo album software


Plagued by the incredibly buggy nature of Adobe Photo Album 2.0, I’ve started experimenting with the Google-owned Picasa. I’m actually experiencing a really strange problem with my mouse whenever I load the program, but I’m trying to get past that, because it’s free, and clearly better than the Adobe P.O.S.

Beating the Rorschach


This was written for custody disputes involving kids, but interesting nonetheless.

Music video on how to write a pop song….


Reminds me of the Grunge Song, by the Vestibules

Moved Dave’s List


I just moved Dave’s List and content over to a “blog”, using the b2evolution software I installed on my website….

Now you can comment on individual posts, etc. Tell me how you like it!

This is after some research on my part where I had to learn the difference between Bulletin Board (phpBB), Portal (xoops) and Blog (b2evolution) software. Think I have the hang of it, now….

46 Best Freeware Programs for PC


Just posted here.

Hardware & gadgets

  • I am renouncing my title as local king of the gadgets. I am abdicating my throne to Patrick G., who pointed out I could use my Bluetooth-equipped V600 Motorola phone as a GPRS connection to the internet for my laptop and PDA. For those who are curious, use the Bluetooth Dial-up Modem service on the host, and for AT&T/Cingular, use phone number "*99#", username "WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM", password "CINGULAR1". Rumour has it that this can do up to 115 kbps. Shame, oh terrible shame that I didn’t work this out before. This even would have worked in Europe when I was there for a week last month (searching around like an idiot for a Ethernet connection).
  • Good news, my wife bought me a Mac Mini for my birthday. It’ll take 4-6 weeks to come in, heavily back-ordered. She bought the faster processor and the wireless connection. I guess that won’t hurt. Now all I need is to find a decent 3D mouse that works on Bluetooth. It doesn’t yet exist, as far as I can tell, so I’ll have to use this one from Gyration, which doesn’t use Bluetooth.
  • I pine after a Mac Mini to use as my home theatre PC, which , although they really should have given it a digital optical/analog stereo minijack, like the Airport Express. What were they thinking? It means I’ll need to buy an external USB to digital optical adapter (this one is pretty expensive, I’ve seen down to $30), so that I can get 5.1 output, etc.
  • I think the iPod shuffle is a terrible buy, with no LCD, etc. It’s cute and small though.
  • If you’re having trouble playing specific writeable DVD or CD media on a player, check out this site
  • For relative player quality, check out the progressive scan DVD Player shootouts here.
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