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Photos of Greensburg



I’m quite glad I took as many photos as I did of Greensburg after the tornado. They’re slowly filtering off of the internet and into television shows, books and other media.

  • Purdue Alumni Connections (photo of upside down pickup is mine, despite being incorrectly attributed to the author)
  • Weather Channel production (When Weather Changed History (“Green Town”)
  • Many other places…. Just look around the web and see if they seem familiar

Greensburg in the news


Well, after we helped out the family in Greensburg, we’ve obviously been following the news about the rebuilding very closely. What’s amazing is the number of news coverage items and shows on Greensburg’s rebuilding as a reinvented “green” town:

And many others…

Greensburg showcased on NPR


Story on All Things Considered on Greensburg rebuilding Green (fitting). It’s become quite a convergence of the channels. The Discovery Channel is doing a show on the rebuilding of a Greener Greensburg. The Learning Channel is following around a chosen family as they rebuild their house. My in-laws (the Mayor and his wife) have applied to be in that show, as they have yet to break ground on their new house.


Greensburg story


This is my recount, I’ll be adding pictures and more text in the days and weeks to come.


Greensburg Before & After


Here’s some photos I took before and after the tornado:

Twilight Theatre (Main Street)

12002 8710 9544


Greensburg Kansas Tornado


Please check the Gallery for up-to-date photos from Greensburg. I’m currently doing search-and-rescue with canine units in Greensburg, KS. My wife’s family is from Greensburg, and they’re all OK.


  • Update: 5/07/07 – Back in Colorado, Wife staying a week to cleanup. More pictures posted today.
  • Here’s some aerial views. Taken by a local paper.

  • Update: 5/08/07 – W’s coming to Greensburg Wednesday.
  • Update: 5/09/07 – FEMA threatening to tear down all houses in Greensburg. I’m going back to help clean out, and Melanie Pray (from BMFPD) is joining me to lend a hand.
  • Update: 5/13/07 – We’re back. Many more pictures taken (some Lilly’s, some mine) and posted.
  • Update: 6/10/07 – The Janssen house has been bulldozed. John Janssen is now mayor of Greensburg. Here’s an article in the Wichita Eagle. The plan is to rebuild Greensburg as a green town…. Ambitious and heart-warming.
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