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Election results


For CBS:

God’s politics in 2008


Jim Wallis, an evangelist preacher (Sojourners, God’s Politics) who I respect very sincerely for his consistency and pragmatism, has written a very interesting piece on this election here. Again he is very consistent in bringing up poverty and war as the dominant issues being ignored by many politicians, and he is very much against “non-negotiable” ballot items.

Back from CES


pic02695.jpgI did booth duty and help setup my company’s booth at CES. It was a lot of work, and honestly, I got more information about what was going on at the show last year, when I didn’t attend, than this year, when I did. A great source of information about CES is clearly Engadget.

I have to say, after hearing about the stunt pulled by Gizmodo, I would have been extremely upset at this individual (Richard Blakeley) if he had done this to our booth.

BMW 335xi review



I got my new car at the beginning of November, it’s one of the first 2008s to come on the line in Munich. Here’s some of my thoughts on this vehicle. I got the lighter blue (monaco) outside, light tan and walnut interior, and premium, winter, as well as HD radio, USB/iPod and satellite radio packages.


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