I got my new car at the beginning of November, it’s one of the first 2008s to come on the line in Munich. Here’s some of my thoughts on this vehicle. I got the lighter blue (monaco) outside, light tan and walnut interior, and premium, winter, as well as HD radio, USB/iPod and satellite radio packages.


  • It’s fast, and handles like it’s on rails. Acceleration is smooth and powerful. Shifting pretty good.
  • With the packages and accessories I bought, this car is not lacking for gadgets. I just wish I knew how to use them all.
  • There is no difference in suspension and handling between the sport and non-sport package, only the seats, steering wheel and wheels look different. Specifically, I was not able to get the high-spoke-count wheels on the sport package, so opted for the non-sport package.


  • The headrest on the “non-sport” package is somewhat uncomfortable. I like the seats with the adjustable “opening” on the sport package, so wish I had been able to mix and match.
  • There is no spare, no room for spare.
  • Run flat tires are expensive. There is only one winter run-flat tire for this model. Only two places in town will put run-flats on a car (Discount, BMW)
  • Winter tires are not nearly as good as the Michelin Arctic Alpins I had on my Audi.
  • Many of the gadgets are fairly counter-intuitive. Cases in point: The cruise control is fairly difficult to use, seat programming and door unlocking dismally documented, programming the garage remote borders on impossible.