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Neat optical illusion


Takes a while, but quite cool. Follow the instructions…..

Cool Optical Illusion – Watch more Funny Videos

Now a BizSpark startup


My company, Tall Pine Technology, is now a Microsoft BizSpark Startup. I think with this development, it’s hard not to go all-microsoft for e-mail, etc.

Stalking me for tech support


Well, I have an interesting, if cautionary tale of why you might not want to help out strangers with software advice.

It started out when I posted detailed instructions on how to setup wview on Ubuntu. I posted and updated detailed instructions on how to set up a complete system, from start to finish. I maintain(ed) this very carefully, and when changes came up, I updated the article. Nonetheless, this process has become outdated, and so the procedure documented still works, but is not the easiest way to do it (techies: the developers have packaged up the install, so it’s almost a one-liner, now).

Weather underground now making a video


This is the last 24 hours from my webcam:

Stuff I install on Windoze


This is a partial list of stuff I install on Windows Vista and newer, on nearly every machine I configure, with a short description of why I use it: (more…)

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