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Demon door locks on a Volkwagen


Well, I’ve learned a lot about car maintenance already on the Jetta… I changed my oil, air filter, oil filter last weekend, and my wheels this weekend.

And predictably, things are starting to go wrong.

I have the Mark IV Volkwagen Demon Door Locks problem. The local mechanic said I’d have to replace the entire lock assembly for 2+ hours labour and $190 parts…. So I took a rubber mallet to the edge of the door (listed as a temporary fix) and sure enough…. Works like a charm. I know I’ll have to take it apart and resolder per the link above, but for the time being, I’m happy, and cheap.

So next project today is getting rid of my squealing brakes…. The local mechanic couldn’t hear it at all, this is probably why. I’m going to try to remove and reassemble my brake pads and grease them.

Of course, I didn’t mention that maybe pressure-washing the wheel had a deleterious effect on this noise.

April snow storm


Sorry, little late posting. So my buddy Mike B. came up to fix his computer, and ended spending the night because we got 20 3/4 inches of snow and he was driving on no-season radials. Coming into Boulder, there was almost nothing the next day.

Self portrait early on.

20.5 inches (see the gallery for the money shot of the ruler at 20 3/4)
Back deck
Back deck, see the indentation from the hot tub? There was over 20 3/4″ on the back deck, and using my quick math, I realized we need to shovel off the hot tub cover first thing the next morning with the weight on it.

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