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Melted access point


So this is what happens to a wireless access point sitting on someone’s deck in a baggie in the sun at 104 degrees Fahrenheit for a month.

Believe it or not, this was still working fine when I disconnected it

House is ours


We took possession of our house today. It’s on 2 acres, near the summit of Lee Hill in unincorporated Boulder (Boulder County). See here for a picture of the house itself. The view is fantastic, with great North-facing views from the deck of Lefthand Canyon, Jamestown and some of the burn area of the Overland fire of 2003.

View south over one of many piles of rocks

View down northwest into Lefthand Canyon

View south

View north

View northwest towards back range

Pack test and fires in Colorado


Looks like I may get to fight a fire this week. The chief called me up to ask me if I could go fight the fire, and if I could take the pack test (you need to be red-carded to fight a federal fire).

DK after pack test

So I took the pack test yesterday (45 lb pack, 3 miles in less than 45 minutes, with a couple of minutes allowance on top of that for 7200′ altitude). I measured the distance using a GPS, so I would be absolutely sure I did the required distance. For the record, my time was 42m42s. (I think I was just over 38m when I took it in 2002, but that was 40 lbs, and I did it at 5600′)

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