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Foulmouthed computer language


Check out the link above….. It ain’t pretty, but gets the job done.

Mars Rover stuck in sand drift


Tick’ed off


OK, sorry about that. I’ve been trail-running an hour a day, so it was only a matter of time before this happened…

Of course, I picked up this tick during this week and a day in California (not Colorado, not too much grass around). Based on my googling, I think this is the black-legged Western tick known to carry Lyme disease. Oh well. It was in the back of my leg, and I think it may have been squeezed slightly as it was removed. I guess I’ll find out in 2 to 30 days if I start getting symptoms.

Yes, I’m now using 98% DEET on my legs. Should help.

Considering which one, WordPress or B2evo


Well, I’m starting to think I may have made the wrong choice in using B2evo (I actually wasn’t aware of the existence of WordPress until recently). What few minor modifications I had to make to the B2evo templates were extremely painful and unpleasant, and the WordPress support community seems to be larger than the B2evo support community.

Now, the support community for B2evo have been very, well, supportive, and I don’t know if I want to give that up in favor of a new unknown.

Please, comment with your opinions….

HD DirecTiVos may stop working for High Definition Satellite channels


This is a frightening prospect, as I’ve just started to receive the local channels (in San Jose) in High Definition over the satellite, thereby relieving me from constantly tweaking my antenna setup, which is still flaky at best.

Google adds satellite to its maps


Google’s map service added satellite pictures to its mapping software, already the best on the web in my opinion.

In other Google-related news, Google has made the gmail storage over 2 GB. If I know you and you want an account, just drop me an e-mail.

Greetings from Sunny Boulder Colorado


Well, after quitting my job I packed up my car and my wife and I drove out to Colorado (she flew back last Sunday). It’s truly a wonderful place.

I rented out a room with a pretty cool couple, with high-speed internet and everything, and am all set up in my one room mansion, ready to take on the job search here.

For personal gear, I brought interview clothes, snowboard stuff, and my bike.

For computing gear. I brought out my mini mac, a screen, a scanner, and I bought a laser printer when I got here (essentials of job search, I suppose). I bought a $10 (after rebate) 802.11g router for my roommates, so that I could use the mini mac’s built-in wireless access to get onto their high-speed internet. I have no TV, no telephone and no mobile signal on my Cingular phone with a 303 area code.

  • For TV watching I only use torrents on the computer (cool). So far I have so many AVI files of crappy shows I’m running out of space, with no time to watch them. The computer speaker is my output audio of choice, even though I have a large selection of earphones with me.
  • For telephone service I bought a SkypeIn number so that people can call me, and a SkypeOut number so that I can call analog telephones. Total expenditure, 20 euros. The quality is GREAT. I use my BlueTooth headset as the microphone until I buy another one, and the output audio seems to work remarkeably well on either the headset or the computer speaker.

The job search is going remarkeably well, considering I only really started on Tuesday, and I’m hopeful that the companies I’ve already talked to can offer me a job. In any event, I’m slowly but surely getting into shape, with little else to do to fill my days.

I’ve started using LinkedIn for business contacts, so if you see a LinkedIn invite from me, please accept (you can read all about what LinkedIn is on their website).

Out for now…

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